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With expert insight into commercial flooring, Atlantic Flooring gives your business a solid foundation for everyday productivity. We understand that offices are an integral part of the business environment. The ambience of an office impacts first, second and tenth impressions on potential clients, business associates, and employees.

To accurately boost aesthetic appeal, we analyze your individual business and set strategic criteria for the flooring selection process. Atlantic Flooring experts can explain where hardwood floors belong, and where carpeting is more appropriate. We know, for example, that a high-traffic commercial environment may need wood flooring (rather than carpet) for its durability, cost-effectiveness, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. However, wood flooring would be unsuitable where employees use rolling chairs. Unlike wood, carpet helps prevent sliding and potential accidents.

By offering guided selection, Atlantic Flooring makes sure your business achieves a flooring installation that shines with professionalism. Contact us today to have us provide a quote for your business flooring upgrade!

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