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Atlantic Flooring is the trusted choice for flooring and window tinting services in New Jersey’s Tri-State area. With more than 27 years of experience, we deliver flooring expertise and high-quality installations that our customers come to expect. You'll be floored by our fine hardwood, carpet and laminate selection, design and customer service!

The epitome of soft floor covering, carpets and rugs infuse warmth, intimacy and comfort into any room. Carpet underscores atmosphere and space with regard to décor and design, giving it an almost limitless quality. Characteristic options and combination types are boundless with our wide variety of construction styles, fiber content, pile weights, textural variations, densities, composition patterns, and colors.

Wood Flooring
Innately comfortable and reassuring, wood is one of the most accommodating flooring materials. Wood’s inherent natural character is derived from the subtleties in different grains, patterns, figures and colors. There are only a few specific areas of a home or business where wood flooring would be inappropriate, either stylistically or practically.

Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring contains no actual wood, yet offers an authentic wood appearance at an affordable price. With natural appeal and exceptional durability, laminates are ideal for rooms where flooring gets beaten up with spills, dirt tracks, and other messes.

Window Tinting
Atlantic Flooring recognizes that energy savings has become exponentially important in commercial and residential buildings. To answer this growing demand in New Jersey, we offer simple window tinting that can drastically change your comfort and cost of living. Our flooring customers can also use tinting to protect hardwood floors and carpet from damage, such as fading, often caused by untreated windows.

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