Window Tinting

Atlantic Flooring recognizes that energy savings has become exponentially important to today’s homeowner. To answer this growing demand in New Jersey, we offer simple window tinting that can drastically change your residential comfort and cost of living. Our flooring customers can also use tinting to protect hardwood floors and carpet from damage, such as fading, often caused by untinted windows.

What are the Benefits?
● Window tinting reduces solar energy for improved daily comfort
● Keeps the heat out to give your A/C a break
● Protects against UV damage to furnishings
● Advanced security solar film keeps everyone safe from broken glass or shards
● Reduces solar energy heat gain by up to 85%

Made of solar window film, our window tints are designed to reduce glare, prevent solar heat gain, and protect glass, all while maintaining the natural appearance of your windows. Tinting also reduces annoying glare, which greatly improves image quality on a computer or TV screen. No more squinting!  No anti-glare screens necessary. While special screens have to be refreshed with every new electronic purchase, solar film tint lasts over 30 years.

Save on Energy Bills

Window tinting also helps control hot spots in your environment. Solar film interrupts the transfer of solar energy by reflecting light instead of letting it through to your home. This reduces the strain on your A/C to minimize cooling costs. Many customers see up to 30% savings after investing in window tints.

Protect Your Investments

Many fabrics and furnishings can be damaged and faded when daylight is allowed to pass through an untreated window. Solar window film blocks 99% of unwanted ultraviolet rays, preserving the color of your furnishings, carpeting, or wood flooring, and extending the overall longevity of your investment.

NOTE: No solar window film can completely prevent fading of furniture and other home decor. On average, UV rays are only responsible for up to 60% of fading. Other factors that contribute to fading include indoor artificial lighting, humidity and moisture, poor dye quality in fabric, chemical vapors in the air, and excessive abuse.

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